Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's been a long hiatus!

I am back to blogging after a break over the winter. I didn't intend to take a break but I got distracted in the world of myspace and facebook.
I canceled the myspace account after I lost interest, but am still actively using facebook.
The main reason I am back to blogger is because of some friends of mine who are in the Philippines and their blog is updated on a weekly basis. It's a great way to check in with them without having to pay for texting or long distance phone calls. The blog is if you are interested in going there. The work they do includes teaching in schools and jails, constructions projects, sponsoring local bands and showing a powerful Jesus movie translated in the native language of the people who live there on Cebu Island.
I have been keeping busy here on the home front. I decided to start my own business during the worst recession in 80 years: I started giving piano lessons. It began with learning how to make a professional looking ad to hang up around town. So far, I have 2 students, and a third is coming today for a consult. I am very excited about this!
This year, I probably won't even make enough money at it to have to claim it on my taxes, but I need to keep track of it as it grows- wouldn't want to get into hot water with Uncle Sam!
I also thought that I should probably start to formally give my own son piano lessons. He's 13 and is actually interested in doing it now. Back when I tried to teach him in 1st grade it was like pulling teeth! Now he's picking up on it quickly is eager to learn.
If any of you are still out there blogging, I'd love to hear from you. I imagine in the coming days I'll pay a visit to whim, imran, dorky dad, dirk star and others who I remember fondly from my regular blogging days.
PS- Dirk: I told you Obama would win.


Muhd Imran said...


I am happy to receive your message in my blog. Hoping that your business will flourish with good tune.

If we lived closer, maybe I'd be one of your student too... if you except old dogs... tricky. It's my to do list before I be too old to even walk.

Your son is the same age as mine. Your son will pick up piano much faster and efficiently too because he now has that keen interest that drives him. Fantastic.

My son is into computer programming, so he'll be busy sticking the keys too but on the keyboard.

Hope to continue to come here as often and maybe read about the happenings during your lessons.

You notice that I have not removed your link because I know you'll be back.

Have a good weekend ahead.

get zapped said...

Yes, welcome back! I was delighted to find your comment on get zapped :) Happy to hear you are teaching piano, what a terrific thing to pass along. Good luck to ya!


Pink Icing said...

Welcome back!

I too have been away from regular Blogging as things got in the way.

Good news about your new business venture. Whatever else happens you are doing something you enjoy which often transfers to others around you. A courageous step and one that your faith will guide you through I'm sure.

Angel... said...

Welcome Back!! I knew it you will be back.. Well, its good to see you here.

Pink Icing said...

still dropping by.....

Anonymous said...

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